As part of the industrial design study programme at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, every student attends Design 3, an introductory course to design thinking and human centred design.
Comparing existing solutions paved way for improvements to the user experience. Also cats.
What I did.
My group and I were tasked with improving an existing application for navigating on campus. We did extensive research on our target audience, wireframed, prototyped, tested and then prototyped some more. My main contribution to the team was iconography and simplifying the user interface while maintaining crucial information.
Focus groups are a wonderful way of collectively sharing ideas and problems. And cookies. Loads of cookies.
What I learned.
After weeks of stalking students with a camera and observing them get lost, comparing our own UI to more well-known map applications out there, conducting interviews and testing prototypes, we eventually came up with a suitable user interface for our application. As a result of the course, I got a lot of insight into methods of design research, in addition to most of the nooks and crannies of our university buildings.
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