As part of the industrial design study programme at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, every student attends Design 4, an introductory course to product design, materials and production methods. This particular assignment was to make a pencil sharpener for kids.
What I did.
Remembering being fascinated by my mom's old sharpie as a kid, I wanted to recreate the simple iconic base of the round, capless pencil sharpener. The challenge, however, was attaching a container to the shape I wanted to preserve. Allowing for a child's maturing, my sharpie strives at fitting in a pencil case as well as on an office desk.
By sheer luck, I figured out that my design allowed for pencil storage in resemblance of quill and ink. Funny.
The sharpie takes an unexpected twist. Literally.
What I learned.
This assignment had an understanding of plastic moulding as a mean of mass production as intent. For me, an unanticipated side effect was switching back to taking notes and sketching on paper as opposed to digitally. Nonetheless, I've become a paper person.
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